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Successful executive leadership teams are focused on regular strategic planning, to agree on and build commitment to priorities that are essential to its mission and responsive to the business environment. Perhaps an organization needs support for a single-day, strategy offsite to update or revisit an existing plan. Or, an organization may require a more comprehensive approach to develop a completely new plan from scratch.  Either way, A.B Consulting provides experience and flexibility to design an approach that will suit the operating requirements and constraints of the respective organization. Specific components of this service include:

• Design and facilitation of executive retreats
• Develop workshop content to include topics such as: define annual strategic goals and objectives; and build or evolve mission     vision and values
• Complete Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analysis
• Develop post-workshop action evaluation and planning support

Annual “check-in’s” are available to clients to assess against any organizational changes and to help ensure organizations are on track to meet their annual goals and objectives.