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Luxury travel is growing faster than any other form of travel. When looking at the specifics, the global luxury hotel market will continue to expand at a growth rate of four per cent through 2021, according to a report from Transparency Market Research. Read More.

Feb 20, 2019 | Best Practices: LinkedIn Networking for Job Seekers

LinkedIn is a key tool in your business career to build a network of industry professionals online. In fact, according to research from LinkedIn, 80 percent of business to business marketing leads from social media come through the platform and it is also the most-used social media platform amongst Fortune 500 companies. Read More.

JAN 7, 2019 | HR Factors to consider for 2019

The Canadian Human Resources (HR) landscape is evolving and 2018 was a major contributing year. With introductions to new technology, understanding how to balance demographics in the workforce, and tackling new legalization challenges, it all adds to the transformation of HR. Here are three key contributors throughout 2018 which will continue to impact 2019. Read More.

Women in Tourism and Hospitality

In May, A.B Consulting spoke to how to catapult your career in five simple steps. Learn More.

The Caribbean Hotel & Resort Investment Summit

In May, A.B Consulting attended the Caribbean Hotel & Resort Investment Summit. Learn More.

SKIFT Global Forum

In September, A.B Consulting will be attending the SKIFT Global Forum, focused on defining the future of travel. Learn More.

The Caribbean Hotel Investment Conference & Operations Summit

In November, A.B Consulting will be attending the Caribbean Hotel Investment Conference & Operations Summit (CHICOS). Learn More.

Caribbean Travel Marketplace

In January, A.B Consulting attended the Caribbean Travel Marketplace in Jamaica as a member of the Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Association. Learn More.