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Offering meaningful management and professional development opportunities can be a powerful way to engage and retain top talent. In addition, it can create a robust internal talent pool for the future. Organizations invested in learning and development are transforming from a focus on developing and delivering one-time learning events to a culture that supports continuous learning.

A.B Consulting works with organizations to build an innovative and measurable learning culture. All learning programs and workshops are designed to provide practical application techniques through a blended learning model, which includes: experiential learning; classroom based learning; one-on-on coaching; and e-learning.

• Specific service offerings include:
• Design, distribute and analyze a Learning needs analysis
• Build a learning strategy and roadmap
• Develop learning curriculum for behavioural and technical competencies
• Design and implement leadership and team development programs
• Build a learning dashboard to gather participant feedback and evaluate return on investment (ROI)
• Provide advisory services to source, evaluate and implement learning management systems (LMS) technology platforms
• Develop career development framework and build individual career development plans