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A Unified Approach

Today’s employees aspire to make a meaningful contribution and successful organizations understand how to harness and retain their talent through inspiring branding, a tangible culture, a clear career path, flexible work processes, and competitive reward strategies.

A.B Consulting brings a practical and commercial approach to HR in helping organizations improve performance, employee engagement and profitability.


Listen, discuss, explore and recommend


Build, collaborate and be innovative


Implement, plan and support change


  Gather metrics, get feedback and fine-tune

Engagement & Retention

In today’s market, the scarcity impeding an organization’s growth is not capital—it’s talent. Identify, understand, and implement solutions to attract and retain talent and build a robust “employer brand of choice.”

Guest Service & Standards

For service driven organizations, creating memorable guest experiences are cornerstones to success. To help clients accomplish this goal, A.B Consulting offers various customisable training programs.

Performance Management

Performance management programs align day-to-day work activities and performance of individual employees with organizational goals and priorities, offering real-time, transparent insight into performance.

Global Mobility

In a global business environment, cross-cultural proficiency is a premium. Employees with international experience become an even greater asset to their organization through knowledge and perspective.

Learning and Development

Organizations invested in learning and development are transforming from a focus on developing and delivering learning events to a culture that supports continuous learning, aligned to business objectives.

Strategic Planning

Successful executive leadership teams are focused on regular strategic planning, to agree on and build commitment to priorities that are essential to its mission and responsive to the business environment.